EPUB reader in iOS app

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  • I've been trying other reading, clipping, research systems and Zotero is still the best. I would so love to have an epub reader in IOS. Any idea when this may happen?
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    @niborsilliw sorry for the tone of my initial response. I believe that your comment may be better suited for a different thread. Perhaps one focused on the iOS app or new feature requests.
  • @demuth Wow... what a friendly response. You can read epubs in the desktop app and it's listed as a feature that will be coming to IOS. And yes, I seriously did ask the question. Seriously.
  • Dear @niborsilliw - there are many (dozens, hundreds of) Zotero forum users subscribed to this discussion, desperately hoping to hear that they might be able to get access to a Beta version of Zotero for Android.

    Every time there is a new post (including this), we all have to log in quickly to make sure we get announcements of new post, essentially resubscribe, because no one wants to risk missing this awaited announcement and maybe, again, having the beta close before we get a chance to download it.

    Add to that a post unrelated to the topic of this discussion - the Android beta - plus I guess the added feeling of having requests for more things for the iOS version before any Android version is released - in the Android beta discussion - feels, however unintended, like rubbing our noses in this disparity.

    I'm thinking this could be reason for the tone of the response.

    And with that said, could we have this discussion thread clear of things not related to the Android beta (with preferably an announcement of more spots ;)
  • Sorry! Wrong group! I shall now exit stage left. Ahem.
  • @niborsilliw. You are correct, that wasn't polite and I apologize. As @RadialThing noted this is the primary thread for updates on the Android app. My own workflow relies on Zotero's WebDav functionality, (and has for over a decade), which is still not implemented on Android. While I've been fortunate enough to get into the Beta, I've been extremely frustrated by the lack of WebDav support nearly 6 months into the Beta.

    I hadn't had my coffee this morning and was a bit grumpy. Thats no excuse though. I'm going to edit my comment out because that kind of response was not ok. Thanks for calling me on it.
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