Zotero 7: Focus issue after deleting highlight

edited May 18, 2024
After using the Delete key to delete a highlight, one has to click on the PDF (or hit Esc) before keyboard shortcuts (up/down arrow, PgUp/PgDn) will work.

1. Open a PDF.
2. Highlight some text.
3. Left-click on the highlight.
4. Hit the Delete key to delete the highlight.
5. Try navigating the PDF using up/down arrow or PgUp/PgDn.

If in step 4 we use the mouse to delete the highlight, then keyboard navigation works fine.

This is using version 7.0.0-beta.79+95d5a5417 (64-bit) on Linux.
  • That’s because clicking an annotation on a PDF page focuses the annotation in the sidebar, and the focus stays there even after the annotation is deleted. We’ll see what we can do here. Thanks for reporting.
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