How to remove full stop at the end of a note in Chicago style

In a long document, I first used the Pontifical Gregorian University style. In the footnotes, the author and the title were inserted using Zotero. Then I used to add a comma and a reference page manually. But now I am requested by the university, to use Chicago style. I changed the footnotes of the whole document into Chicago style 17th edition. But the problem is that Zotero includes a full stop after the end of the book/article title and that is incompatible with the comma and the reference page I added manually.
For example, first, the footnote looked like this: ARISTOTLE, History of Animals, 9.3, 610b33-611a6.

When changed into Chicago style: Aristotle, History of Animals., 9.3, 610b33-611a6.

The document has thousands of footnote items. Changing manually is almost impossible, but also that would cause problems with updating automatically.
Please, can anyone help me in solving the problem?
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