Question about QUAL Data Cleaning (NVivo Users!)

Quick question that I need to answer before I can begin coding. My final sample size is 234 records and I'm exporting from ZOTERO. However, 158 of those records do not have a PDF attached. These files *can* get PDFs attached (but not found through the query on Zotero) but it would be a record-by-record strategy of copying the URL and clicking through the webpage to save the article as a PDF (not a view online) and reimporting into Zotero. The problem with this strategy is that it loses the tags** that are automatically assigned through the original platform from which the record was systematically identified (through an advanced search). This means I'd have to copy/paste all those tags over to the new PDF record so as to not lose that data. As a result, these 158 (view online) records are classes as EXTERNAL on NVIVO while the PDF files that transferred successfully during the systematic advanced platform search are classed as FILES. The sample size adds up but I can't actually code EXTERNAL files because I can only see memo data, not the written file itself. This means I'll certainly have to address the PDFs on each of those 158. QUESTION -- does anyone know how to solve this problem in the quickest, least tedious process possible?
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