[Zotero 7 bug report] Latest beta build (78+5be5ca941) broke file import

Updated my Zotero 7 installation on macOS to the latest build (7.0.0-beta.78+5be5ca941), and to my dismay found that it has completely broken a key feature.

When I go to import a .ris file into my Library, it acts as though I have clicked the radio button for importing from a Mendeley account, and asks me for my login details to Mendeley. I don't have a Mendely account. I thought maybe it was a bug where they had somehow been switched, but even if I intentionally select the import from Mendeley radio button, I go through to the same page.

This in effect breaks the import file option until this is fixed.
Please fix this asap. I knew I was risking bugs by installing the beta, but this is a pretty big one that really breaks a core function of the app.
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