Add to library by mail?

Wasn't there a feature to send files to your own library by mail?

That is, to send a file (.pdf with metadata, or .ris) from a mail client to a mail address at (say, to add it to the library with the file attached, and the metadata extracted?

Possibly I mixed zotero with some note-taking website. Anyway, is this feature feasible? In particular, can this work with a web storage location off the Zotero server? If so, this can be a much more stable alternative to the 3rd party mobile clients that run about.
  • There's an iOS app in the App Store, an Android app in beta, and a web library. They don't all currently support all the import options of the desktop app (e.g., RIS import), but anything that's implemented will be implemented in those apps. There's no reason to do this via email.
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