My Zotero is not syncing in both directions

My web library is syncing 'down' to my desktop app, but items on my desktop app are not syncing 'up' to the web library. I have noticed that this has occurred for 14 months - no items added to my desktop library are included in my web library. I have tested with a new computer in the last week, and syncing is working both to and from the NEW computer desktop app to the library. All sync settings appear to be the same on both computers. Any ideas?
  • See Changes Not Syncing, and if you’re still having trouble provide the requested info.
  • edited May 18, 2024
    I can't see what info is requested that you refer to. However, I have read those instructions you linked to and checked all the relevant settings. Nothing seems wrong there. I do get an error message when syncing from my computer which alerts me to particular records with author names that are too long, and there seem to be a lot of these, but the sync is still working from the web library to the computer, but not from the computer to the web library. Any ideas?
  • Your situation sounds like this one:

    You need to fix these records where the author names were not properly imported for some reason.
  • Thank you! I managed to find and correct all the record with long lists of 'editor' names and my library is now syncing.
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