[Zotero 7 Beta]: Zotero keeps thinking pdf as php file

Set up: Windows 10 with Zotero 7.0.0-beta.78+5be5ca941 (64-bit).

I find that a paper I downloaded months ago from SSRN cannot be viewed inside Zotero. I suppose the problem is because Zotero regarded it as php file as reveal the file in the Zotero directory suggest it is treated as php file. And manually change the file extension to pdf doesn't work it get reverted back by Zoteto. You can view the file as pdf in any other reader though. And I don't have this problem on Macos.

It previously is not a problem until today. And maybe because recent version's Zotero starts to respect file extension metadata? I don' t remember it exactly but I am sure this particular file in question is not uploaded with dragging/importing the physical pdf from local to Zotero, it is obtained somewhat automatically by Zotero(think along the line of chrome plugin, or I paste in DOI and Zotero find the pdf) and the file obtained was with extension php, I had no problem viewing it inside Zotero at that time though.
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