Zotero 7: Item list can become inconsistent with tag filter

edited May 16, 2024
Sorry, this is difficult to explain. When filtering the item list by a colored tag, adding an item to a collection on a different device can cause the item list to show entries that don't match the selected colored tag.

1. In the desktop app, click on My Library, and then click on a colored tag to filter the entries by that tag.
2. In the iOS app, go to Unfiled Items and add an item that doesn't have any tags to some collection.
3. Wait for the iOS app to sync (or manually trigger a sync).
4. Sync the desktop app.
5. Notice that the item from Step 2 now shows up in the item list.

In the below image, the item from Step 2 is the one by "Gerschgorin" that appears in light gray. This item does not have the red "queue" tag, but shows up after performing the above steps:


This is using desktop version 7.0.0-beta.78+5be5ca941 (64-bit) on Linux and iOS version 1.0.36 Build 270.
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