Zotero 7 beta: Can't double-click to highlight word within highlight

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  • I just installed the beta release and noticed a difference in highlighting that prevents me from double-highlighting text that has already been highlighted.

    This is important to allow the use of more colors than is available in the palette, which I, for example, use to organize the content (e.g. gray = prior knowledge, brown = highly relevant prior knowledge, red = look it up, bright orange-red = dubious).

    For example, if I highlight a block and there is a word in the middle of the block, in the stable version 6 I can double click to highlight that word, but in the beta this doesn't happen.
  • @mcsimenc To select a text under another annotation you need to hold Option/Alt key. That also involves selecting text by double or triple click.
  • Perfect, thank you!
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