\cdot in reference export (Better BibTEX)

Hello, I have a curiosity: one of my articles title has a central dot as in "DALL·E".
Normal BibTeX export treat it as unicode character and simply print it "·"
On the other side, Better BibTeX, that I need to use to avoid the mess in capitalization of my titles as a non English user, transform the mid-dot in mathematical notation {$\cdot$} which is creating troubles down the editorial pipeline (no LaTeX).
My question is whether the mathematical \cdot should be used or not in BibTeX export title.
  • There's no right or wrong answer here -- you can use UTF-8 with BibTex, and in that case the symbol should be displayed as "·" -- or you can use BibTeX with the old school encoding of non-ascii characters, in which case it should be escaped.

    I'm pretty sure you should be able to tell BBT to use UTF-8 throughout if that's what you want. If you can't find the option, create an issue on the github over there.

    (Note that if you're using any pandoc-related pipeline, you're better of using CSL JSON export or, at a minimum, BibLaTeX (which is always UTF-8).
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    Thanks for the answer. I will look at the options and ask on github if I can't find anything it was selected! :) (I also asked Sciflow to hadle the LaTeX escaped characters).
  • Better BibTeX defaults to LaTeX commands, Better BibLaTeX defaults to unicode, but you can change both those defaults separately.
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