Convert personal library to shared library?

Hi, I am working together with a colleague on a project in google docs. We have been working in separate documents but now want to merge the documents into one. We have added citations and bibliographies to the documents from our personal libraries, but we realise now that it would be better to have a group library. Two questions:

1) is it possible to merge two personal libraries into a group library, while keeping the citation links that are already present in the two separate documents?
2) If not, is it possible to merge the documents into one without breaking the citation links that we currently have, and keep updating the documents from our own personal libraries? If so, how? If we copy and paste the citation links break.

  • 1) Not possible, sorry
    2) I'm pretty sure that should work. I'd start with a testing document to see if you can get this to work in general (i.e. both of you insert 2-3 citations from your personal libraries and then experiment with copy & paste).

    Generally it might be worth biting the bullet and re-inserting the citations from a group library so you have set this up properly -- you could convert to Word for that because it's faster and then convert back to Google doc ( )
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