Pdfs not accessible

Report ID: 1193110418
I have a shared library where I cannot access most of the pdfs posted by other members of the group. It shows error message saying, "the attached file could not be found at the following paths". Also, I have cleared my storage, and we have unlimited storage account still when I try to resync it keeps saying the folder has reached its file storage quota.
  • You're not the owner of the group you're in, and the group owner is at their storage quota. Anyone adding files to the group will be getting a warning about that at sync time. Neither you nor the owner have unlimited storage.
  • Report ID: 122309057

    We changed the settings. The owner has unlimited storage now, but the group members still cannot access some of the attached pdfs. Is there any other step that we missed?
  • See Files Not Syncing. The files need to be synced from the computers where they were uploaded now that there's enough space. Other computers aren't relevant in any way until the files are accessible in the online library.
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