Changes to Chicago Manual of Style

I am using the Chicago Manual of Style t for footnotes and reference list. However, the documents I am using do not match the list of items such as books, journal articles, etc. As a result, when I make corrections to my document to match the styles required (for example - oral history), when I put in a new footnote, Zotero automatically corrects the previous citation once again requiring that it be manually corrected. Is there a way that I can turn off the automatic correction of previous footnotes and references? Thanks for your help.
  • The expectation would be that if you make manual changes to a citation in Word that Zotero prompts you before overwriting those. You're sure that's not happening?
  • As an example, when I enter an oral history document into Zotero and cite it, it does not format as required by the library holding the oral history recording. If I then correct it in my document, when I next enter an item to cite and cite it, Zotero "corrects" my previous oral history citation. Is there any way that I can shut off Zotero's "automatic" correction of my corrected citation?
  • I'll note that 'suggested citations' are not a thing you're bound by: you're in no way obligated (or even supposed to) follow the citation format provided by the holding archive, library, or repository. As long as the citation contains the main elements and has CMoS structure, it's a correct citation.

    That said, you didn't answer my question above; no need to repeat what you wrote, I understand the problem, I'm saying citations shouldn't just overwrite manual changes unless somethign is going wrong.
  • I appreciate your help! Let me put it a different way. When I misspell a word when I enter a citation into Zotero and cite it in my paper and then go back into Zotero and correct it, when I enter the next citation into Zotero and my paper, the previous error is automatically corrected by Zotero. If I need to change a citation in my paper for formatting reasons, the next time I enter a citation into Zotero and the paper, it automatically "corrects" the previous citation back to the original Zotero format. Is there any way to keep this from happening? I am sorry, but I don't understand your original question.
  • How are you changing/correcting the citation exactly?
  • I change them in my footnotes and reference list.
  • And the footnote updates or just the reference list entry?
    I'd try my best to stay away from the reference list (but if you must, edit it through Add/Edit bibliography and the editor in that window).
    As per the above, the footnote really isn't expected to update after you edit it in Word (assuming that's what you're using?)
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