Zotero 7 Beta: Improvements to preview when hovering over a link

[Split from Available for beta testing: Updated reader with EPUB/snapshot support and new annotation types]

I enjoy the new reader. Two things I noticed.

1. The mouse back button does not work (I guess this is already in the works https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/3436; would this fit into the scope of the redesign?)
2. The preview when hovering over a link (I really like it) does not include the whole content.
2.1. The preview for a cite only displays half the page; Evince shows the full page width (if you are zoomed out enough). For citations, this means that the title is not readable in the preview.
I think the preview box could be wider without any issues; Evince uses the whole page width which I think is fine.
2.2. The preview sometimes goes out of the screen (if the link is on the far left/right the preview is not forced to start/end within the screen bounds)
2.3 The preview starts exactly at the anchor. For Figures (with the anchor set on the caption), this means that only the caption is visible. Evince adds some padding on top, so the figure is partially visible.
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