Create directory for the pdf (in zotero pdf reader)

It's very convenient to simply create directory (like acrobat does) when reading the pdf.
  • Can you add this function please?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you say more?
  • Do you mean an outline for the PDF? There's an Outline tab in the left sidebar that will show a table of contents and bookmarks if they're present in the file.
  • yes! the outline! But a lot of pdf files do not have contents and bookmarks. It will be better If contents and bookmarks can be easily created in zotero pdf reader (just like that in acrobat: "CTRL+B").
  • edited May 13, 2024
    Yes, the ability to add bookmarks (and automatically recognize the structure of PDFs without outlines) is planned.
  • Recognizing automatically is excellent!
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