[Zotero 7 Beta] Pdf Reader Text Selection For Touch Screens (Bug?) + possible feature request

edited May 13, 2024
Firstly massive ups on the devs and community improvements to Zotero 7. I used it last a couple months ago, switched back to 6 for stability, and then redownloaded it again today. The experience is so much smoother than it was the last time I used it. And aesthetically its all looking very modern. Im most excited to try out epubs for my research in future.

I have checked other discussions and it doesnt seem like it has been mentioned before. the closest I got was this thread but I dont think its about the same thing: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/107271/touchscreen-behavior-in-zotero-7-reader-windows

I dont know if this is a bug, but I have noticed that when I use a touchscreen (Surface Go 1) on Zotero 7 (7.0.0-beta.77+adaa61f2c (64-bit)), I am not able to highlight sentences in a PDF unless I had already clicked on the highlighter or underline tool. In other applications, the hold finger and move over sentence method works to select text normally, but I am only able to do it if I am already using one of the annotation tools(highlighter, underliner etc). When using a mouse or touch pad it works perfectly and brings up the mini colour pallete which is awesome for when I am using mouse and keyboard, but not for touch.

With Keyboard and Mouse on 7 beta:

With touch on 7 beta:

Zotero 6 has the option I am looking for, only instead of hold down and highlight I have to double touch on a word and then on the second touch I scroll to where I need to be. Then I have to hold down on the highlight to bring up other quick options. So two movements:

First movement on 6: https://s3.amazonaws.com/zotero.org/images/forums/u9395983/cpd273ucwscr3eb06qpk.png

Second movement on 6:

Im not sure about other users but I think the hold down and move method is more fluid (like in kindle app where after you let go of the finger it brings up the highligher pallete as well as some quick options), as opposed to the double touch and then touch again for quick options method.

Would it be possible to integrate quick options into highlight pallete?

Sorry that this was so long, initally it was supposed to just be about the Z7 no text select bug. Thank you for reading this far and thank you for this app, its been amazing for my Academic Life and learning in general!
  • We have a custom text selection layer and it's difficult to avoid text selection and scrolling interference. But we'll see what we can do here.
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