Zotero 7 beta: Item pane not updating when selecting items

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  • I'm using 7.0.0-beta.77+adaa61f2c (64-bit.
    When I click on the reference name I expect the full information to appear on the right in the Item pane - but for some reason this is no longer happening. I just get the first selected name, but then changing the selected title the item pane does not change?
    In the attached image, I changed to a different collection, clicked on the blue reference but the item pane remained unchanged.


    I'm loving the beta version - I have the old version on one machine (cannot change due to company policy) but the Beta on my other machines. Thanks
  • Can you reproduce this in Troubleshooting Mode (Help → "Restart in Troubleshooting Mode…”)?
  • I've restarted the computer & Zotero, and cannot get ti to replicate the problem - either in standard or troubleshooting mode!! Apologies I may have created a non-problem. I will keep an eye on Zotero and see if it happens again.
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