[BUG] MacOS LibreOffice crash on insert citation

edited May 10, 2024
I am working on a somewhat larger (10.3MB) LibreOffice (version aarch64) on Mac OS 14.2.1 with Zotero (version 6.0.37).

I was able to insert a fair number of citations (about 20) but when I try and insert another it hangs and the spinning wheel cursor comes up. I have to force quit both LibreOffice and Zotero. When I start again the same thing happens.

There is a diagnostics report available regarding the spinning (too big to include).

Any suggestions on how to debug and pursue this? I like Zotero but to be useful for academic publications, this needs to work.
  • I proceeded by cutting down the document in binary halving and isolated just that section which causes it to spin. It appears to be a prior reference that was being inserted and modified when I believe something strange happened in the UI and I first had to force quit LibreOffice.

    I can provide the exact section of the content.xml from the .odt file if anyone wants to take a look. It clearly would be best if the parser was more robust and tolerated whatever happened here rather than causing these spinning wheels.
  • A bit more insertions of citations and a similar thing happened again. I think the "strange thing" which happened was something which caused it to put up a dialog saying there had been a "Zotero integration error".

    So it seems like after this happens the document is left in a devil state.
  • After dissecting the exact location and disassembling the file, it became clear there was an embedded __Ddelink element that was not showing up in the normal view and was causing the parsing error. If one tries to insert a citation right after such an element, it spins.

    It was a bookmark which is visible in the dialog when you go to insert a new bookmark. Deleting that bookmark fixed the problem.

    The parser for insertion should clearly skip this sort of text bookmark tag -

    <text:bookmark text:name="__DdeLink__5609_3013834778"/

    It does not appear that the exact name matters.
  • A non-trivial number of bugs have been introduced with LibreOffice 24, so I suggest going back to version 7 and seeing if you can reproduce this, and if not - report it to LibreOffice. There is also a small possibility, that this is caused by some issue in Java, but given your troubleshooting I find it unlikely.
  • Interesting. So version 7 does not spin. I reported it to LibreOffice per your suggestion.
  • Could you post the ticket link here?
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