DOI and pages are not displaying in Bibliography! (despite reference info logged in zotero)

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Hello, thank you in advance.

Problem: For some references, the DOI and pages are not displayed in the bibliography of my manuscript. I am using Zotero (6.0.36) with the MS Word plugin. It has functioned normally throughout the process of adding citations, etc.

What I have tried:
- Checking for updates (Zotero, MS Word)
- Verifying that the DOI and page numbers are logged within Zotero db
- Verifying the correct item type (Journal Article) for the reference
- **Checking for duplicates via Duplicate Finder**
- Copying the Zotero reference fields that are "missing" from the manuscript bibliography into NotePad, and re-adding
- Refreshing the reference zealously within Zotero after making these changes
- Refreshing the bibliography from within MS Word

What is strange is that some references show the complete details, and others do not.

This is incredibly frustrating, and I greatly appreciate any insights.

Image of the complete details within Zotero database:

Here is how it shows up in the bibliography:

Despite the fact that others show:

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    Resolved & edited for clarity:

    While the Duplicate Finder did not return multiple reference records, there was a second reference with incomplete information (which I found through the quick search scanning my entire library). I successfully merged the two records and then refreshed the bibliography.
  • I'm having the same issue but I'm not seeing any duplicate references. How did you find the other record?
  • I resolved my issue. I had previously edited the references when they were in a different format so they did not accurately display in the bibliography in Word. Reverting all citations fixed them.
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