Citation Key Behavior Change in Zotero 7

I'm not sure whose side of the fence this falls on, but there seems to have been a change between Zotero 6 and Zotero 7 in how the citation-key variable gets handled.

In Zotero 6, the citation-key variable can be pulled from Citation Key: in Extra by, for example, this style.

But in Zotero 7, having Citation Key: in Extra results in citations like "[@, p. 260]" (i.e., with the citation key missing). The built-in style editor shows the error "[[CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form.]]"

In Zotero 7, it seems the Extra field must have exactly citation-key (in all lowercase) in order to pull that variable.

Is this an intended behavior in Zotero 7? Or is it a regression from the previously more lax ability to use Citation Key: ?

Thanks so much for the clarification!

@emilianoeheyns, @adamsmith
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    Seeing the same thing -- I don't think this is in either Emiliano or my department though (it happens without BBT installed). Looks like a Zotero change (I'm guessing bug) to me.

    To clarify this for devs: The CSL variable citation-key is only picked up from Extra when the label is exactly citation-key:, not with the otherwise recommended Citation Key:

    Edit: seems specific to that variable. e.g. Original Data: still works as expected.
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