Copy Citation not working

I upgraded Zotero 6 to Zotero 7 beta on my m1 Macbook.

After this upgrade, the shortcut of copy citation (shift+cmd+a) is not working. Is there any particular solution to this issue?
  • It works the same in Zotero 7.

    Restart Zotero, check your Quick Copy settings, make sure you can reproduce this in Troubleshooting Mode (Help → "Restart in Troubleshooting Mode…”), and if you're still having trouble, provide a Debug ID for reproducing it.
  • Thank you for your comment.

    Following your advice, I have done these: Restart Zotero and check my settings again.
    But "Copy Citation" still does not work using the shortcut "shift+cmd+a", especially while I was reading an article, although using my mouse, it works.
  • Oh, this is while you're in the PDF reader? It looks like that currently triggers a Select All. We'll fix that.
  • My debug id is D501604109.
  • Fixed now in beta 94 — thanks.
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