some pdfs not showing as linked to my storage

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  • Forgive me, I don't know if this is an issue with Zotero 7 or with how I'm managing the replacement for ZotFile with attachments. However, I've found I have some pdfs not showing as linked to my storage. After an issue where ZotFile said it couldn't rename and move due to the file being an upper line item or a certain file type, I deselected the check box limiting file types and again asked it move and rename. It said it has renamed and moved these attachments (pdfs) and yet they're still showing without the link symbol, and seem to be being stored in my Zotero storage rather than my own storage?
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    (Please start new threads for new issues — your question has nothing to do with the thread you posted to. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    Sorry, but we can only provide support for stored files. From Stored Files and Linked Files:
    Given the advanced nature of linked-file workflows, and the differences on individual systems, we're not able to help troubleshoot problems with specific setups.
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    Zotfile does not work in Zotero 7 (currently still in beta). The current alternatives are attanger and zotmoov. If your issue is with one of those it would be best to post your issue at github.
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