[Zotero 7 Beta] Sort By shortcuts not working

Some shortcuts are displayed in the View -> Sort By menu:
I have tested them, but they triggers the colored tags instead from the numbers above the letters (except for "1" for which it does not do anything), and nothing for the numbers on the right part of the keyboard.
  • Will be fixed in the next beta, thanks!
  • Thank you.
    The shortcuts are now working for the numerical keypad on the right part of the keyboard.
    They are also working with the numbers above the keyboard when using an English layout for the keyboard. But they are not working with a French layout. In that case, they still trigger the colored tags when not pressing Shift, and nothing when pressing Shift.
  • Try now in beta 78.
  • Thank you.
    The new shortcuts Alt+1-0 are all working nicely with both English and French keyboards.
  • Is there any plan to allow users to choose whether this feature is effective or not? Because this may conflict with the shortcut keys customized by the zotero-actions-tags plugin.
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    There may be a bug in that the shortcut triggered in the pdf/html/epub reader tab (for highlight, underline, etc) has triggered the corresponding sort function in the collection pane, though the collection pane is not active. The remaining keys (i.e. Alt+1~7) meet the same bugs. OS: Windows 11, Zotero version: Beta7.79
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    I can reproduce that bug while in the Reader:
    - The Alt + Number (from above keyboard) triggers both the Toolbar buttons and the sort in the Items Tree
    - The Alt + Number (from the numeric keypad on the right) only triggers the sort in the Items Tree. The colour selection from the numeric keypad also does not work after selecting a tool in the Toolbar.
    The second one was reported here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/114036/keyboard-shortcuts-not-support-numpad

    Windows 10
    Zotero 7.0.0-beta.79+95d5a5417 (64-bit)
  • It would be up to plugins to override built-in shortcuts if they wanted to. These shortcuts were added for accessibility.

    We'll look into the bug with shortcuts affecting another tab.
  • Fixed now in beta 80
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