local storage

I have just moved over 10000 entries from Mendeley to Zotero. The locally stored files are just listed as links to urls now. The "tools -> manage attachments ->convert linked files" is greyed out.

Can I move the original pdfs stored on my hard drive to the Zotero Storage folder?
  • Web links don't have anything to do with linked files, which the Mendeley importer doesn't create. The importer should import files as stored files if they're available in your Mendeley account online. We don't and can't know anything about your local files because of Mendeley's database encryption.

    (I'm not clear if your other post in moderation was the same question or a different one, but let's start with this to make sure you understand what's happening.)
  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    I used the "alternative method" as mendeley seemed to be renaming all my files with random numbers. Perhaps I should have used the direct method. Should I start again?
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