Other results (Web-Application vs. Desktop-Version)

When searching full-text content in both methods (Web-application and desktop-version) we do not get the same results.

In the Desktop-Version we are missing many many files... Updates done.

Any ideas?
  • How exactly are you searching in the desktop and do you have full-text sync enabled in the preferences of all synced Zotero clients?
  • Yes, we have enabled the full-text sync - find the screen shot unfortunately in German...
  • If the files were added on another computer, Zotero may need some idle time to index the synced full-text content.

    But you didn't answer how exactly you're searching. Can you provide some more screenshots that show exactly what you're doing and what's not being matched? If you select the attachment in the desktop app, what does it say for "Indexed"?
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