Remove publisher from journal article citation

I am using a custom citation style and want to make it so that when I cite a journal article it reads Author, title, Publication volume, (date), page.

At the moment in the citation code I have added reads

But it then produced the citation

Jason McGraw, ‘Spectacles of Freedom: Public Manumissions, Political Rhetoric, and Citizen Mobilisation in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Colombia’, Slavery & abolition, 32 (Abingdon: Routledge, 2011), pp. 269–288.

How can I make it remove the publisher so the brackets just read (2011)?
  • Without seeing the code it's hard to pinpoint, but set a conditional for the publisher info for only the item types that need it (e.g. book, chapter, paper-conference, thesis).
  • Thank you, I think I have done that? But it didn't seem to work.

    Hopefully, you can see the code in this photo. I essentially wrote if type="journal article" then told it to only include the date. This did not seem to change anything.

    Thank you for your help!
  • we don't know what's in the macros. Post the whole style to or a comparable site where we don't have to download it to look at the code.

    Hopefully, you can view it there.
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    You can probably delete line 311. That will delete the publisher info for journal articles.
    Alternatively you can just add another <else-if type="article-journal" match="any"/> into the bibliography's conditional that tests for the different item types and then add the various bits how you want to look it there.
  • That worked, thank you!
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