iOS Debug Log: D494099160

[Describe the issue you're reporting.] Cannot download attached files in WebDAV storage after updating to the latest version.
  • 此服务器的证书无效。你可能正在连接到一个伪装成“[IP address]”的服务器,这会威胁到你的机密信息的安全。
    It looks like there's a problem with the certificate for this server. Note that the iOS app doesn't currently support WebDAV servers with self-signed certificates.
  • But the syncing verification can be passes. My NAS and iPad are in a virtual local network built by ZeroTier, and the http connection is used to communicate. The attached files can also be downloaded using the former version.
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    Can you provide a Debug ID for verifying the server successfully and then reproducing this error for a file download?
  • Yes, of course. The debug ID is D1769564801. Thanks for your help.
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