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I would like to ask if there is a way to specify a base path for linked files (as in Preferences/Advanced/Files and Folders/Linked Attachment Base Directory) on a per collection basis.

The idea would be to have a setting per collection / list of collections in the preferences (see above) or something similar. Is there maybe a hidden option that is already existing?

The usecase is for fundamentally different areas to be "on demand". Such that I can store big libraries somewhere else and only view them when necessary. This could help if for instance a friend or colleague sends his data to skim through but one doesn't want to import it to ones own collection.

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  • No, and it wouldn't be possible — items can exist in multiple collections.
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    There's no real need for a more complex Linked Attachment Base Directory functionality to support that use case.

    One way to handle it would be to create a new folder in your OS for the PDF files sent to you, and a collection for them in Zotero. Then use the modifier-key drag & drop from your OS into the Zotero collection*. Zotero will save them as linked files in that collection.

    *"To ... add links to the original files, hold down Ctrl+Shift (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+Option (Mac) while dropping."

    A problem does arise if you decide you want to keep some or all of the files after skimming them. In Zotero you can just drag them from the special collection you created to the permanent collection(s) where you want them. However they are still linked to the special folder you created in your OS (ie in a different folder to the rest of your linked PDFs). Which may not be what you want. So from that point of view you would actually be better off just dumping them all into your main linked files folder in the first place.

    Then in Zotero when you delete the (other) ones you no longer want, they are gone both from Zotero and from your OS folder, with the following caveat ...

    Zotero does not delete linked files when you delete/move their items to the trash. So you need to use the delitem plugin to delete items with linked files.

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