Upgrade Storage


I want to Upgrade Storage but I'm wondering if it would be apply to the group or to my account only.
Anyone can help me with this issu?

Best regards,
  • If you own a Zotero group, the storage would be usable by that group. If a different account owns the group then they would need to purchase the storage for it to apply.
  • if you do not own the group, but someone else does, and if you want to count your storage towards the group, you can transfer the ownership in the group settings from that other person to you (but you cannot merge the storage of two group owners. It will be either yours or theirs)
  • Hello fcheslack,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I was added as the owner of the group. But after purchasing the storage, it applied only on my account.
    Is it possible to transfert the storage purchasing to another account?

    Best regards
  • yes, see my comment just above yours
  • Hello @migugg,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I have access to both accounts but I don't see how to do you suggest

    Best regards
  • Re @migugg,

    The problem was solved by the support.

    Thank you
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