Citation dialogue doesn't scroll (Zotero 7.0.0-beta.76+91054acfe (64-bit)

The citation dialogue appears as expected in Word, but when I type in a search term, and the results filter into the drop-down selection box, I can't scroll past those shown.
Pressing the down key will send the highlight below the visible results and if you press enter at some random point, the item it is on will be populated in the citation box.

If there are several items open in Zotero, these are pre-populated in the citation box, and if there are too many to display, then the search term has no visible result. Even if I input the complete title of the reference I want, it doesn't show up.

See the gif attached to illustrate.
Also, I have noted the screen refresh rate issues noted in other threads (mine is below 60) and have restarted Zotero.
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