When I capture and tag a web page, it would be nice to have it also appear in my account ...
  • We are working on a utility (plugin) that will do this.
  • This would be great, though I would much prefer CITEULIKE (or both...).
  • We would like to interoperate with CiteULike too, but it doesn't have an API or easy way for us to create a utility to sync both ways.
  • I came across the Social Media for Firefox Extension today:

    For any given URL, the Firefox status bar displays how many people have added that URL in Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and And when you're on one of those services, you can see the counts inline on the web page itself

    It's a different type of integration with other social discovery services, but has interesting potential for Zotero, especially once the server-side aggregation is in place.
  • Does anyone know if this happened? I see the plugin for Delicious Library, but that seems to be a different beast.

    Is there any other way to import all those bookmarks and notes into zotero?
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