Transliterate titles in Cyrillic?

edited April 20, 2024
I presume author names should always be transliterated into Latin script, but what about titles of articles in their original language, albeit cited in an English-language context? Are there particular fields in "Extra" I should add?
  • Whether or not to transliterate is more a question of usage than of correctness. I think most "Western" publications do transliterate authors, so yes, mostly that makes sense. For titles, you can store original-title: Война и мир in the Extra field, although citation styles might interpret that incorrectly as indicating the existence of an original edition.
    Unfortunately, the range of options here are pretty significant (transliterate or translate? for some Asian language, which transliateration method? Which elements should be transliterated? Which translated? etc.), so Zotero's data model is and will in all likelihood remain, rather limited in what it accomodates. The Juris-M fork is designed to work with multilingual materials.
  • Thanks very much. And yes, that's a fair point about multiple transliteration methods.
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