[Zotero 7 Beta] Add again the "New Library" and "New Feed" buttons above the Collections Pane

In the new design, I find it a bit confusing how to add a new library or feed.
These options have been moved to the "File" menu.
But it is not the first place I would look for them.
And it is not so intuitive to search for the option to add a new Feed inside "New Library".


To create a new Feed, it is better now in the new design, because I can right-click on "Feeds".
But that makes it even more confusing to create a new Library, because I still cannot do a right-click on "Group Libraries".

I would prefer having all the 3 options available from a drop-down menu from that icon:
Main icon: New Collection, Group Library or Feed
Which expands to this list:
- New Collection
- New Group Library
- New Feed
  • We don't want to put New Collection behind a menu button, because we don't want to add an extra click for an action that will be much more common than creating a new group or feed.

    But "New Library" is certainly a confusing submenu name for this in the File menu, so we're at least going to change that.
  • Thank you for the explanation.
    I see the point that adding a new collection is used more often than adding a new group library or feed.

    I just give below some thoughts based on my personal experience.
    I still find it difficult to discover how to create a new group library or edit it. I ended up several times searching online how to do it.

    1) Adding a new group library
    The first place I am trying to add a new group library is from a right-click on "Group Libraries". But if you do that, the right-click actually works... but it gives you the right-click menu of whatever else is selected at that time in the Collections Pane. Since the right-click is actually working, I read carefully all the options, think I did something wrong, or missed clicked, try again...
    Making a dedicated right-click menu on "Group Libraries" would be great, or make it less confusing by disabling the right-click menu there: https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/3508

    Then I will go to the top buttons, because:
    - This is how how it was working before: https://www.zotero.org/support/groups#creating_groups
    - This is consistent with the top buttons of the Items Tree, which has different buttons for adding top level items and child items.

    Then I will search online...
    See for example: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/111186/creating-a-group-library

    2) Edit the properties of a group library
    Same for editing the properties of a group library. The first place I am looking for such options is by a right-click on the group library. So just the same as
    - Saved searches have "Edit Saved Search"
    - Feeds have "Edit Feed"
    - Collections have "Rename Collection"
    I would expect an "Edit Group Library" button (eventually with " (online)" at the end) when doing a right-click on a group library.

    I know that I can double click on the group library to go online. But I discovered about it from searching online.
    See for example:

    It is obviously a very small problem. Just sharing my experience.
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