[Zotero 7 Beta] Expand collections or libraries when doing a drag & drop

I would like to be able to expand the collections and libraries to see the sub-collections when doing a drag and drop:
1) Click and hold on a selection of items
2) Move the item to a collection or library that is currently collapsed
3) Stay on that collection while still holding the click
-> The collection should expand after a short time, showing the sub-collections
4) Navigate to the collection you want, or continue expanding
5) Drop to the target collection you have chosen.

This is possible in Thunderbird for example, or with the Windows explorer.

At the moment, I can:
1) Explore the collections tree from a right-click -> "Add to Collection"
But this does not work for Group Libraries.
2) Click on arrows to expand the collections and libraries, then click on the items selected in the Items Tree to drag & drop.
But if I mis-click the expand arrows slightly on the left or on the right, that moves the focus to the target collection or library, and I loose the selection of items that I had made.
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