[Zotero 7 Beta] Add the Notes Section in the Item Pane of the Reader

edited April 19, 2024
I would like to be able to see directly from the Item Pane of the Reader if the parent item has notes or not.
This would be consistent with showing the other child items of the parent item in the Attachments section.
Opening the note from there would open it in the Notes Pane.

Also, I would prefer having a different icon for the Notes Pane in the sidenav of the Reader:
Compared to the icon used for the Notes Section in My Library:

I find it confusing to see the same icon in 2 different places within the sidenav for doing 2 different things.
At least make a more clear separation between the "Sections" part of the sidenav and the "Panes" part (different background maybe)?
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