Meaning of Preprint fields

For a Preprint item, it's not entirely clear what the following fields should be. Let's take an arXiv preprint, for example. What should the values of the following fields be for a given paper?

* Library Catalogue (perhaps this should be simply "arXiv"?)
* Archive
* Loc. in Archive
* Archive ID
* Repository
  • With recent arXiv preprints imported through the Firefox connector, I get:

    * Library Catalogue:
    * Archive
    * Loc. in Archive
    * Archive ID: arXiv:XXXX.XXXXX
    * Repository: arXiv
  • Ah, thank you. That makes sense. I'd infer from this that "Library Catalogue" is where the metadata is retrieved from, and Repository is where the collection the preprint actually belongs to.

    If you wouldn't mind quickly checking: what does the Archive ID look like for bioXriv papers?
  • edited April 17, 2024
    The few I have don't have Archive ID populated
  • yeah, we only write the Archive ID where it's individually meaningful as it is in arXiv. bioXriv uses the DOI as its primary ID, so nothing gets written there.
  • Thanks adamsmith for the additional information
  • Yes, makes sense, thanks.
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