tag different languages in the same field

  • Does the improved accessibility beta version allows to tag different languages in the same field? For example, when you have a title in English that contains several words in French, will the editors be able to tag those French words for the readers to pronounce it?
  • It doesn't, no (but also note that this particular thread is for a very specific subset of accessibility, for any general accessibility issues beyond the add citation dialog, please open a new thread
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    @nguenett: Your comment has already been moved to a new thread — please don't try to open new threads for the same issue. (But I'm unclear what this has to do with accessibility in any way.)
  • @dstillman screenreaders rely on correct language tagging for intelligible pronunciation. A title like "C'est La Vie! The Game of Social Life: Using an intersectionality approach to teach about privilege and structural inequality" is very hard to understand if the first part isn't tagged as French. (You'd think that good screen readers would handle common phrases reasonably well, but even NVDA doesn't do well with the above, and in academic writing you obviously will have much less common phrases in less common languages than French)
  • Ah, got it.

    This isn't something we currently have plans to support. It might be possible if/when we switch to rendering titles in rich text in the info pane (with the supported HTML tags as the underlying markup), because we could then add <span lang="fr">, etc. But given that almost no imported data is likely to be pre-tagged, I'm not sure there'd be much value in this.
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    On the other hand, any such rendered view would need to make it possible to assign <span class="nocase">, and I guess assigning a language wouldn't be much different and could be used for the same signal.
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