Zotero-Word popsicle: Zotero keeps freezing


Zotero keeps periodically freezing on me. I did not have issues with the previous version. This started with the latest upgrade earlier this year (today is April 6, 2024).

Here is what I am running:

Running on a Mac:
2020 MacBookPro17 with M1 chip
MacOS 14.4

with MS Word for Mac:
Version 16.83 (24031120)

Is there a way for me to revert to the previous version without losing my library collections?

  • There've been no changes to the Word plugin in recent versions. Whatever you're seeing, it's for some other reason.

    How large is the document you're working on? Do you have "Automatically update citations" disabled? Can you reproduce problems in a new, empty document?
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