Jump back in iOS pdf reader removed?

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Up until very recently in the iOS app's pdf reader I was able to do the following.

Click a bibliography or an equation link which jumps to some other location in the pdf. Then tap the screen on any random place, and at the bottom of the screen a button would appear which allows me to jump directly back to the place where I clicked the reference from. This even worked for more than one consequent jump.

Now what happens instead when I tap the screen is that thumbnails of pages appear at the bottom of the screen, which is not very useful for me since I can't automatically jump back anymore.

While reading scientific literature it's very common to jump around the pdf following internal links, and this functionality was super important for me. Does anyone know if there is a new way to access jumps or is there any other way to bring back the old behavior? I have browsed the settings and could not find anything related to this.

If this feature was removed, I would like to hereby make it known that this was a very important feature in my opinion and it must be possible to (optionally ) bring the old behavior back!

iPadOS 17.4.1 (21E236)
Zotero iOS app version 1.0.31 Build 249
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    It’s just a bug. It’s coming back (and it will appear even when the page scrubber is hidden).
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    Thanks for the reply!
    If this is a bug, this forum is the right place to report it or should I submit a report somewhere else? According to the documentation it should be, but maybe an issue on github would be useful?
  • @vsotnikov forum is a good place for it, the devs team responds super quickly and reacts to bugs here
  • Does anyone know if there is any update on this bug? It is still there on my iPad as of now unfortunately.

    Is there any way to confirm that the developers took note of this issue at least?
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    @vsotnikov: We fixed this a day after the previous posts here back in April. Make sure you're running version 1.0.36 of the app.

    If you are, please say more about exactly what's happening and how to reproduce it.
  • I just made sure that the app is updated and indeed the issue is fixed with version 1.0.36. Thank you very much for great work!

    I am sorry for the confusion with the updating, I should have checked explicitly instead of assuming updates are automatic.
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    To be clear, app updates are automatic by default in iOS. You should make sure you didn't turn that off. This doesn't have anything to do with Zotero specifically.
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