Merge items not recognized as duplicate (or mark different items as duplicate)


I would like to merge different items that Zotero does not recognize as duplicates, even if they are.

Is there a way to achieve this?

To give a bit of context about how this happened, I used to have the pdf files of my bibliography saved in Zotero, while all my citations were saved in Bibtex (since Zotero messed up with Latex in the titles, I could not use it to obtain a Bibtex file).
Now I found a way to avoid this (BetterBibtex+the option "rawImport" that allows to import the titles in the same way they should be exported as Bibtex). So I imported my BibTeX file in Zotero and I want to merge each of these new items with its old corresponding one that contains the PDF and tags.
However, the imported items contain latex commands in their title, so Zotero does not mark these as duplicates of the old ones.
The parent items of the old PDF files in Zotero have tags that I don't want to lose, so moving the PDF alone from the old items to the new ones is not an option.
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