iPad not syncing downloaded files

I just upgraded my storage for Zotero but my ipad will not sync downloaded files (I can't open them at all on the ipad) but all of these files are fine on desktop and browser. The debug ID is D2136057042.
  • See Files Not Syncing. That file isn't in your online library.
  • I followed all of those instructions and nothing helped. I even logged out of my ipad app and uninstalled it and there's still a download issue
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    You're not following the steps correctly. You provided a Debug ID for trying to download a file that isn't available in your online library. As the linked page explains, that means your iPad is completely irrelevant — there's no "download issue" if the file isn't available online.

    It looks like you either uploaded files using WebDAV from another device (but have your iPad set to use Zotero Storage) or purged files in your online library for some reason. In either case, following the steps carefully will fix this for you.
  • The files are available online because they can be opened on the online library. I have not set up WebDAV. The files were loading properly before on my ipad yesterday, but stopped once I updated my storage plan. I included that Debug ID since that was what the very last step said to do if nothing else worked
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    The file isn't online — you would be able to see the item in the library, but you wouldn't be able to actually open and view the PDF. You have a grand total of 4 synced files, all added today, in your online library.

    All your attachments do have information online from being synced previously, so if you haven't used WebDAV, you likely mistakenly used "Purge Files in My Library" from your storage settings page. Once again, if you actually follow the steps on the linked page, the copy of Zotero that has the files would reupload them all and make them available online and on other devices. You just haven't done that.
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