Un-Syncing Unwanted Files from Group Library

A group library was recently shared with me. Unfortunately, this group library synced to my account and took up 100% of my storage. I don't need any of the PDFs to be available to me locally. Is there a quick way to remove them from my personal Zotero storage without affecting other group members access?

Note: I already un-selected this library in my sync preferences. My understanding is that this will prevent further PDFs from being synced to my storage, but that it won't remove previously synced items. Happy to provide more detail if it's helpful.
  • This sounds like a misunderstanding. Group storage is counted only against the group owner's quota. If you're only a member (as you are), it's not affecting your storage at all. You're at your quota because of the files in your personal library.
  • edited April 5, 2024
    (The only thing the group is doing now is using your local disk space, if you didn't have group file syncing set to download files "as needed" in the Sync settings. In a future version, that will probably be configurable per-group, and it will be possible to remove downloaded files for a given group from a given computer. At the moment there's no easy way to remove downloaded files from a specific group other than deleting each local file on disk (right-click → Show File) manually outside of Zotero.)
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