Zotero 7 beta: Red bar disappears but "Open Documents" section appears

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  • The default (red bar) citation dialog in my Zotero7beta disappears, and only the "Open Documents" sections appear in the window. How to fix it? I have tried to reinstall it in Word, but the problem remains.
  • Are you using a high-refresh-rate (e.g., 144Hz) monitor?
  • Yeah, 165 Hz. Thankfully, the red bar appears after resetting my monitor refresh rate and restarting the Zotero7beta. Thank you very much! It may be a bug.
  • Yes, it's a bug that we're working on with high-refresh-rate displays.
  • Thank you for your wonderful work! Looking forward to a timely update.
  • I have the same problem, 120 hz monitor..

    Thanks for for replying so fast to RamonMi, dstillman!

    btw: hard to find this topic in the list, had to manually look through the pages, must be very easy to post duplicates.. it's a mess, amazed that you guys can keep track on all of it!
  • It has been fixed from 7.0.0-beta.72+128a540af (64-bit) or earlier version.
  • @RamonMi: Yes, we believe we've fixed this (though we thought that before too, so thanks for confirming it's working now for you).
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