Proxy redirection gets disabled by a detected redirect loop on the Wikipedia Library

Debug ID: D578196198

1. Login to the Wikipedia Library
2. Visit a proxy page and have it automatically register as a proxy
3. Visit the main hostname (e.g.
4. Observe as redirect is successful
5. Close it and go to the same website
6. Redirect doesn't happen this time, and in the settings page: "Zotero detected a proxy redirect loop and has temporarily suspended automatic proxy redirection. [Reenable proxy redirection]"
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    On step 5 what tab do you use to go back to the same site? Does it happen if you wait more than 5 seconds between step 4 and 5?
  • It happens both in the same tab and in a different tab, both after waiting 5 seconds.
  • Could you disable all other extensions except for Zotero Connector, restart your browser and check if this still happens (or install Zotero Connector into a new Firefox profile if that is easier).
  • I can no longer reproduce the issue at all (new or old profile).
  • Ok, so it's possible some other extension was causing it after an update, and got updated again. Especially if you had proxy redirection working, then it stopped working with this behaviour, and now it works again. If it starts misbehaving again, try testing in a new profile and post a comment here.
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