Access to Zotero locally only - no web library

I am working in a company dealing with confidential information. The information is contained in PDF files. Those PDFs could be put in a library in Zotero to be able to cite those PDFs in another Word document. If the library is saved in our servers, it should be secured enough, however, our IT service is concerned by the web library. If we can access the information contained in our PDFs from any computer with an internet connection, then our files are no longer safely saved. Anyone with our Zotero’s user ID and password can access the information with the online option – whereas you need at least 2 more steps to connect to our intranet.
Is there a way to use Zotero only locally on our intranet (software installed for all users)? We don’t want the users to be able to access the company library from the web library.
Thank you in advance for your help!
PS: huge fan of Zotero, user for years now :)
  • The web library part is a bit of a misunderstanding: The problem isn't the website but that your data (and files) sync through Zotero's servers.

    It's easy to use Zotero entirely as a local application: just don't put in any sync credentials. But if you want the library's connected to each other (e.g., be able to collaborate in a group) that's much harder. You definitely can't just store a database on internal servers (that'll cause database corruption and all sorts of trouble). It's in principle possible to run a local instance of the Zotero data server (and distribute slightly altered copies of Zotero that sync with that) but that is neither trivial nor will you get support from Zotero devs for this. The code is all open, though.
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