Beta testing: Zotero 7 Flatpak

edited 22 days ago
We have been testing the Zotero 7 beta versions with Flatpak for a few months now. Under the hood, the Firefox version of Zotero has been updated and provides better support for use in containers (most notably support for Wayland and portals) and the beta versions have been very stable and reliable so far.

Today we made a change to the file permissions. Currently Zotero 6 has explicit access to all XDG directories (documents, music, etc.) in addition to access to the user's home directory. With today's change, the separate permissions for the XDG directories will be removed.

The hope is that with this change we will maintain compatibility for less technically experienced users on the one hand and make it easier for experienced users to harden the Sandbox permissions on the other.

The last attempt to change the sandbox permissions caused confusion for some users. We would therefore be pleased if more users could test the Zotero 7 beta Flatpak, especially users who have XDG directories outside their home directory (Zotero should still have access to these directories via portals). Then we can better assess whether we can incorporate this change into the main branch when Zotero 7 is released.

You can find information on how to install the beta here:

If you experience any trouble with file permissions during the beta test, please report it in the already existing issue:

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