Lost annotations made while offline in web library

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  • I'm actually running the web version through Firefox/Fennec on my Boox and it's working quite well. It's not offline downloaded, but I have no problem working with, reading and annotating PDFs in the Zotero storage.
  • Just a note on using the web version (on Boox). I just lost several pages of annotations when I was temporarily disconnected from the internet (a flight).

    While disconnected, I was able to continue working on reviewing, annotating and commenting on the document, going through a number of pages. This seemed great (as an experiment to see the extent of using this approach).

    While disconnected, I was notified that there was a network problem and that I should check my connection. During my flight, I was trying to connect to the inflight wifi, so I was moving back and forth between the browser and the settings application, but I was always able to continue working, progressing through the pages and making annotations and comments.

    When we landed, I set up a hotspot, connected to it and moved back to the broswer. Now with proper internet access, the document reloaded and I lost all the work I had done during the flight.

    It may have been a browser issue, an issue with connecting to the hotspot or some other issue. In any case, it's good to know it can happen and offline work may be lost in certain circumstances (maybe all).

    I should have used the laptop, but the form factor of the Boox with the pen is just so convenient for articles and texts. And I wanted to see if it worked - unfortunately I lost a little bit of work. At least I can use the experience to share with others.
  • I wonder if you had stay active in the background option selected in app optimization for Zotero Beta. @RadialThing
  • Yeah, this conversation should probably be moved as it's not about the Zotero beta Android app anymore. My previous comment was about using Firefox instead of the app, which I don't have yet so I can't compare or comment on yet. This'll be my last comment on that in this thread!
  • Web library tries to upload changes you've made for a limited number of times and if it doesn't work, it eventually reports connection errors and gives up. Web version is generally meant to be used when online, retries are there to help deal with spotty connections but using it offline is not supported.

    Thanks to your report, we can see this needs to be communicated better. To help prevent this kind of a problem, we will be adding online/offline detection which will disable edits in web library if no connection is present.
  • Thank you - that would be a good approach.

    I saw the notification that there was an issue with the connection but I was hoping that everything would be uploaded when I got reconnected. In my case, that didn't get tested as unfortunately the page reloaded when I got connection again.

    But if I understand you correctly, the previous changes might still not have been uploaded as it would have given up on those? Or would additional changes after reconnection have uploaded all queued changes?

    I understand it's still not recommended as Zotero doesn't have good control over the local storage but could have worked for me in a pinch.
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