Unexpected strange behavior using MacOS VoiceOver, and Frequent Crashes with highlighting

Hi, I love that the Zotero 7.0.0 has support for epub files, and that's why I updated. There's currently a recurring issue with screen reader support that is making zotero crash quite frequently for me.

I use VoiceOver on MacOS to read long documents by selecting the text paragraph by paragraph. In between having VoiceOver read out paragraphs, I will highlight sections and give them a color. With Zotero 7, while VoiceOver is on, if I highlight sections of text in some combination of unexpected ways, such as from the bottom to the top or in a way that highlights a new column, Zotero itself will crash.

I wonder if there's a problem translating PDF.js content to the Zotero screen reader interface, but I'm just conjecturing here. Screen reader support prior to 7.0 would fail gracefully, and if some highlighted section caused it to get confused, VoiceOver would proclaim "Zotero is not responding" and then it would work again after 5-10 seconds of delay.

Related: The screen reader behavior inside the reader is quite strange. Immediately after activation, the first paragraph I highlight will read out normally, but then when I highlight a section after that, it re-reads that first paragraph. Then, if I highlight something else entirely after that, it will read the previously-selected paragraph. Often, by the 4th or 5th round of doing this I will run into a crash, but I don't think it is the direct cause of the crashes.

Diagnostics report: 715144230

My most recent crash report to Apple (too long so here it is in a library)
  • Could you clarify if this occurs with PDF, EPUB, or snapshot files?
  • Hi, apologies. The ePub support is why I switched, but this occurs with all forms of document I've used- PDF and ePub, as well as HTML.

    I updated today to 7.0.0-beta.70+d654daae2 and since then the crashes have stopped. I hope to report back that this is not happening anymore and resolved.
  • Ok, we'll investigate.
  • Good news! I'm pretty sure this is resolved. It hasn't happened since.
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