Zotero cannot find available PDF through institutional access to ProQuest

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Hi there

I have imported records into Zotero from ProQuest, to which I have access through my institution (see first photo).

When I click on the record in Zotero, it opens the full text of the article on the linked page, which also includes an option to save the text as a PDF (see second photo).

However, when I ask Zotero to search for available PDFs by right-clicking the entry in my Zotero library, it cannot find the item (see third photo).

Are there some kind of permissions I need to enable to permit this? Or is something else going wrong? Thanks.



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    How are you authenticating with ProQuest? Are you on campus, or are you using a web-based proxy that you have to log into? For subscription-based sites, Find Available PDF will only work with direct or VPN-based access, since the Zotero app itself doesn't have access to a web-based proxy.
  • I'm having the same issue with ProQuest and Scopus- tried on campus and with VPN.
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